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What is IB (Introducing Broker) ?

An Introducing Broker or simply IB is fundamentally an agent who introduces new investors to a brokerage firm. In return, the brokerage firm shares the revenue generated through the clients. Brokers usually invest on promotions and marketing for acquiring new clients. The introducing broker program has been introduced to benefit each other. The brokerage firm gains new clients with zero costs and the introducing broker benefits by gaining revenue margin from his client’s trade.

IB(Introducing Broker) | ATM Trades Partner Account

Introducing Broker Levels | ATM Trades Partner Account
How to become an Introduction broker?
Fill up the Registration Form | ATM Trades


Fill up the registration form for partner

Upload KYC Document | ATM Trades


Upload the KYC documents.

Start introducing to client & Generate Revenue


Start Introducing clients and earn revenue.

Advantages of IB account :

Can earn without investment.
No fixed timing to work.
No trading skills required.
No need to investing time in analysing and predicting the market movements.
No fixed limit for the income.

Advantages of IB Account