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Trading with Shares on CFD :

ATM Trades allows you to trade with some of the world’s most popular shares with the help of powerful value, which allows improving profits on investments by multiple no of times.

ATM Trades offer simpler & faster execution of trades using MT4 platform, while securing your financial assets on a whole new secured level. Furthermore, ATM Trade proves CFD’s on various US shares and European shares, allowing investors to trade in the international market and rake better profit.

Trading with share on CFD | ATM Trading Instruments

What is a CFD?

Contract for Difference or simply CFD is a contract between two investors, nominally referred to as the buyer and the seller. This is based on the price movement of a specific product. To convey this in simpler terms, the seller pays the buyer the difference between the present value of a share, commodity, index or currency and its value at the exact time with which the contract was made. This means that, when you trade CFDs on shares, the profit is made from the price movement of the shares instead of the stock itself.

Key benefits to trade shares on CFDs are as follows:

  • Entree to direct liquidity pricing
  • Live data from NYSE & NASDAQ
  • Convenient trading hours.
  • Great solution for portfolio diversification.
  • Transparent on order execution.
  • Safe & secure on fund transfer.



ATM Trades offers powerful leverage up to 1:500, allowing investors to engage in high volumes of trade.


ATM Trades offers minimum spread value as low as 0.01, which allows investors rake substantial profit.

Trading Hours

ATM Trades provides the opportunity to engage in 24/5 market sessions even when domestic market is closed.

Lot Sizes

ATM Trades offers various lot sizes convenient depending upon the type of account you trade with.